Chai Veda: Tea experience Center

I came up with a new idea of making people educated in the tea industry. Everyone in this world knows that tea is an aromatic drink that helps people boost their immunity, feel active, and balance weight. There are many types of tea like green tea, milk tea, white tea, etc. It completely depends on a person’s behavior of slurping the right tea according to the benefits they want to consume through it.

A tea experience can consist of a lot of things like tea and food pairings, tea history, tea tasting, and tea making. I was just wondering why chefs get all the credits for pairing tea with other ingredients or dishes. Every tea lover can be a creator to design and develop tea with the taste they have.


Tea and food suggestions

When do you consume tea? I am pretty sure most of the people either take it with their morning breakfast or evening snacks. Tea is a product that goes right with every type of cuisine. Sometimes we crave bread, toast, and tea or the proper Indian breakfast like parathas and milk tea. Let us tell you the right food pairings to take gastronomy into consideration are:

·      Tea and morning food can include green tea with bread toast and salads.

·      Tea and noon food can include CTC with cheesy dishes or masala tea with Indian munchies.

·      Tea and afternoon food can include masala teas with Indian breads and assorted vegetables or herbal teas/fruit teas with Italian cuisines.

·      Tea and evening food can be green tea and pasties or CTC with Indian snacks.

·      Tea and post-dinner can include salads and any teas without milk.

We are welcoming all the tea lovers out here to start creating new pairings and tea dishes.


Tea making

When we make tea, we usually think of getting it done by boiling water and adding the tea. It is much more than this. We need to take care of water temperature, brewing time, and quantity of the tea, water, and milk. When we make our own tea, we are almost satisfied. If we brew it with all the theoretical knowledge, you can’t imagine how aromatic it will be.


Tea learning

When you are consuming a beverage, you must know the origin and history behind it. It enhances the taste and takes you on the ecstasy of the tea journey. If you are not aware or sure about this fact, you should give it a try at Chai Veda.


Chai Veda’s opening event

The inauguration of Chai Veda was successfully done in Siliguri, West Bengal with all my team members from Okayti and Chai Chun. We are ready to see all the new processes happening live out there.