Tea to the English is like a vacation

Is the news I am coming through over the internet true? I am still not able to believe the same as tea has been a cultural beverage for everyone. Tea gets you a kind of peace that everybody craves for. Rejection of tea is like facing an insult.

The country is roaring about the rejection as tea exports are the only way to develop the tea industry to a greater extent. If exports are scared about manufacturers using chemicals to grow tea, we really need a strong testing system.


Adhering to the rules and regulations

India is quite concerned about the tea it produces. Tea is considered food, so we are already taking care of FSSAI’s rules. Few tea experts have stated that there are many countries with stricter rules than India. If India’s rules are liberal, we need to either raise the standards or understand the rules followed by other countries. Many people are suggesting that FSSAI to make the rules easier even after such rejections. The foremost effort that we need to put in is following the rule. Being a tea entrepreneur, I have a welcoming space for each and everyone who wants to test the teas we produce.


Tea buyers of Indian tea

According to the information on the internet, approximately 196 million kgs of tea was produced in 2021. High demand and interest made all the buyers expect a little more production. Tea is always taken as a healthy drink as it stimulates immunity, helps in weight loss and many more advantages are taken into consideration while consuming it. Due to the Sri Lankan crisis, India is being doubted in terms of pesticides and chemicals used.

The complaints were usually raised by the manufacturers and packers. Iran has been a major buyer. As many countries are following EU safety standards, we must follow the same if we want to be loyal to our buyers and maintain our image as usual.

Iran and Taiwan have rejected three packages. The reason behind the same is the presence of pesticides off the mark. Many said exporters were well known about the chemicals but still, it was out to export.


Not a victim as a manufacturer

A tea manufacturer always knows about the activities involved at the factories and offices. My team is always active to supply good produce. They accept recognition more than money-making. I can stand at the front side to start a rally about not being a chemical-oriented tea manufacturer. Anyone who wants to try a tea out of 160+ blends here is cordially invited to the headquarters office. Let’s not degrade the image of the tea officials who are still fighting to resolve the issue and keep up the standards.