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A leading tea brand in India-brings your soul to life

The versatile story of tea can make your soul understand the never-ending intimacy of the aroma of tea. Every tea manufacturer in India must be so keen to let the customer understand the real value of tea. When you know the story behind the tea-making process, the taste might get doubled. All you have to do is come down to the tea estates and see the hard work behind tea manufacturing. 

Labels are yours and tea is ours 

When I started getting several kinds of teas, I had a thought in my mind. If labeling can be done for my teas, the taste of my teas can reach thousands of people. This idea made me earn the tea partnership for TATA tea. Manufacturing tea and giving it a name where my brand shines was the goal, but watching happy faces after slurping my tea was more important than anything. 

Being a tea manufacturer in India, it is quite definite that you can easily get customer satisfaction if you are serving it all pure and fresh. India is a place where you get true tea lovers. 

How do gardens and factories play a huge role in tea manufacturing?

Tea manufacturing in India is sometimes difficult if we see the statistics related to logistics. Every state that has tea gardens is usually situated in hilly areas. People are not willing to live there and work because of the adverse climatic conditions. I have a lot of tea estates but my factories are mainly in the village areas so that many people can manage their livelihood. 

Whenever you think of building a factory, you should make sure that the location is quite sorted for everyone working there. A factory needs a space where you can place big machinery to manufacture the tea. The major thing to be taken care of is neighbors getting disturbed because of operations. If you are building a factory beside roads, you have to make sure that they are not reconstructing the area after a few years as you might have to face a huge loss. 


When I sip my morning tea, I brainstorm to see how I can develop my factories, produce the best quality teas, and provide employment in several areas. My factories produce amazing tea which helped me to be one of the best tea manufacturers in India. 

Till now, I have realized that tea manufacturing should not be treated as a business. Everyone should know the right taste of tea and that's how tea manufacturing should be a dream for every owner who wants to make people taste the right tea.