Tea Gardens In India | Rajeev Baid

A gentle slope of tea plantations

The aesthetics of tea drinking can be defined by the surroundings created by a tea garden. Tea plays a major role when it comes to mental peace. When I sip a cup of tea, I usually get dragged to the serene beauty of my tea gardens where there is a rich source of light and a breezy texture.


What makes the best tea gardens in India?  


All the tea gardens in India are mostly situated in mountains. Our country is meant to be one of the largest tea producers in comparison to other countries. When we say mountains, it's all about fresh air and clear light. The aroma of tea plants spread wide in the areas because of the crisp breeze in the hills. This can be considered a crucial reason for India being a land of significant teas.


India has a lot of exporters who use our tea brands to showcase in various events. A glimpse of all the tea gardens is shown by representing the product pruned out of them. When these movies show a glance of beautiful female workers plucking the leaves, now that’s what we consider as aesthetics of the north-east region’s tea gardens


Okayti tea estate

My future belongs to this estate because I believe in the beauty of dreams coming true. We get seasonal flush teas from Okayti tea gardens which we export further to many different countries. The freshness and aroma make every buyer a dedicated tea lover. The tea gardens in India are best known for the northeast regional teas which include Darjeeling teas. Okayti is one of the finest producers of Darjeeling teas.


For centuries, every problem has been solved by a cup of tea for many. When it comes to domestic problems, friendship, business, or anything else, a person prefers tea to get over all the issues and attain mental peace. For me, the whole journey behind tea helps me get my mental state. Okayti always got me a chance to explore my inner soul. From plucking to steeping, every micro process means a lot to me.


I live in a city where both sides of the roads are covered with dense tea plantations. The greenery makes you feel alive with the aroma of the tea petals. The road trip gets easier even if it's a work call because all you have to do is cherish the journey of aroma and freshness. For me, tea was a source of income, but now it’s a vibe. Tea gardens in India have a lot of tea estates but every tea estate has its own significance. So, my Okayti gives me tranquility and a sneak peek to make me remember where I have started.