Best Tea In India | Rajeev Baid

The tea obsession is authentic

Our desire for tea can be never far from chasing beauty. You will get a variety of teas around the globe. You might see people bragging about their tea gardens and aromas. When it comes to the best tea in India, Darjeeling tea has always been the champagne of all the teas.

Whenever I enter my tea-tasting room, I get that feeling of tasting several blends right in front of my beautiful tea gardens. Nature's peace flows into me when the tea touches my roots. Every time a question remains unanswered because our goals usually lie in running behind branding instead of providing the right knowledge to our customers.

Which is the best tea in India?

North-east regions are best known for tea production. The right cup of tea is not only an inclusion of the right tea leaf but also the right way of blending or brewing depending on the aroma one likes. Suppose I get you the purest season's first flush tea and you are not able to brew it properly, there is no matter of taste. A first flush tea might cost you a bag full of coins but if you learn to brew it well, you don't really have to worry about the bag that you have emptied.

Our thoughts might be parallel in terms of tea from a particular tea garden. In the matter of taste, I will stick to the principled brew. We got an assortment of season's flush teas, floral teas, black teas, orthodox teas, herbal tea, fruit tea, CTC black tea, masala teas, and what not? In spite of getting you down to my store, I would like to invite you to the tea-tasting spaces where you can taste the variety of teas and then you plump for the righteous.

Life in a tea garden

When the world's most beautiful plantation has some area under you, benefits have to be taken into consideration. While pruning the best tea in India, all I have to do is sit in the gardens and enjoy the magical power that I have got to protect the plantation area. I feel responsible for my sensitive tea plants. It's a movie about watching a fertile land convert to a barren one.

Chai Chun is a tea boutique so we have some luxurious teas in our casket. Your tea taste matters a lot to us. If you want to have Kashmir's blend, we have got your back because we do provide that ease of turning your cups into all peaches and pink. We also have medicinal aspects related to teas where the base of the tea has numerous health benefits. Let us know whether you want your tea to be tasted by your soul or tongue?