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Combining Existing Things In A New Concoction Is Innovation.
The journey of turning a passionate dream into a breathable reality encompasses the romance of a slow steeping perfect cup of first flush tea at its origin. It takes time to identify the perfect crop, best soil and the precise time to harvest. The journey from the prosperous estate to the cup in your daily routine entails several steps and magnanimous attention to detail. Eventually, the cup elevates your mood and also of the company you have it with. This romance and long-lasting passionate affinity with tea has been my backbone, which also led to the evolution of the brand Evergreen Group.
My early days were as a tea vendor, however, the keen observer within me felt the connection of tea with people and how it dramatically changed their day or mood. I was determined to learn more about tea and strengthen this connection. With a simple and clear intent, began this beautiful journey that transformed my abstract ideas into a living reality.
The vision has spread its wings to build a richly diverse and multi-faceted culture of tea drinking. To bring the best and most sorted teas in their freshest form, to complement every culture and people across the country has been my team's constant goal. I, the humble founder and a tea connoisseur, invite you wholeheartedly to immerse yourself and enjoy the many colours of life with the finest teas of Evergreen Group.
Experience The Exclusivity Of Our Ventures

Evergreen Tea Group

Evergreen Group ranks amongst India’s top tea business houses. The flagship Company i.e Evergreen Dooars Tea Pvt. Ltd is amongst India’s top rated factories. The group symbolises quality and robust technology in tea industry.

Chai Chun

Chai Chun is a celebration of the rich, diverse and many-splendored culture of tea drinking. Chai Chun is an exclusive boutique of epicurean teas, offering consumers the finest in flavours, aromas and hues from the best garden and estates in the country.


Okayti - the producer of the 'only okay tea' is tucked in the serene region of Darjeeling, a place acclaimed for making ‘Champagne of tea’. Okayti estate was built in 1888 and stands proudly till today, producing daily some of the finest and fragrant Darjeeling teas.

Chai Rasa

A premium tea room conceptualized to celebrate the art of tea drinking. Bringing tea connoisseurs and tea lovers the finest teas along with delicate accompaniments, the tea room promises a vibrant and welcoming ambience. It aims to tantalize taste buds with superbly brewed teas and scrumptious treats.

Chai Gyan

Tea literacy program - During this course, one goes through a unique tea experience. Anyone interested in learning about tea, right from its origin gets an education accomplishing practical tea tasting and tea making sessions by the reputed Tea Masters.

Tea on Wheels

In the history of India, Tea a.k.a. Chaa a.k.a. Chai has always been integral with the Railway panorama. To revolutionize this historic relationship of tea and railways in modern ways, we have taken a fascinating initiative of 'Tea on Wheels'. It is located in Asansol and is the first tea cafe in India built on a railway carriage.

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